Leave the details for us – focus on your goal!

We will make a difference and simply add value and benefit to our clients. We design and manage any project, everything from a small team meeting of five people to a big business event with 19,000 visitors, where we reinforce the impression you want to convey. Today we are working both, in Sweden and abroad. We see and understand your needs and desires. Accurately, smoothly and with a budget set, we have the ability to “set the bar right” for each unique project.

Bringing people together, we use all the senses to awaken curiosity, to create commitment, to enable participants and to convey a memorable experience. We know how sound, light, design, film and many other tools affects your senses and “set the mood”. We also know the importance of a friendly smile or a reassuring glance during both preparation and implementation. We know what to do and do not have to worry. We love to create impressions that will leave an impression!

We have successfully served ICA, Cloetta, Crescent, Monarch, Symantec, SKL, Saab Group, Securitas Direct, FMV, BillerudKorsnäs, SSAB and many, many others. And now we want to do it for you.

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Everything is important to us. And that is why we offer a large variety of services for your event or meeting.