Friday Night Live with ALTEN

The Mission

ALTEN Sweden has been a recurring customer with us (Imponera) for several years and together we have carried out several large conferences where hundreds of the company’s employees have gathered under the same roof.

In 2018, we were assigned to plan and execute a conference for all ALTEN employees at the same time. However, this time the format was different than previous years. Instead of gathering the employees at the same location, the plan was for all the employees to experience the same event but from five different locations depending on their regional offices. The main goal was to eliminate logistics and travel concerns so that more employees would be willing to attend the event.

The Idea

We presented the idea of letting the employees assemble at their “home office”, together with colleagues from their region to watch a live stream conference in the format of a talk show. Using live stream audio and video would allow all the employees to feel a sense of connection to the other colleagues while enjoying the live entertainment talk show. ALTEN chose to have the event on a Friday evening and while we came up with the name “Friday Night Live with ALTEN”.

The Implementation

The employees were invited to five different locations around Sweden, based on regional affiliation. The live broadcast location was set in Gothenburg for the “talk show” and was hosted by Kristoffer Appelqvist. To make sure employees at the other four locations felt as if they were a part of the show there were camera men and hosts present at each location. The hosts roles were crucial to help contribute to the main broadcast and directing everyone’s attention on what was going on at other locations.

On the main stage in Gothenburg, interviews were conducted and broadcasted out live to the other locations. Beyond this, there were also short films being played showing selected employees telling their story and talking about ALTEN from their perspective. To wrap up the broadcast, a competition took place. Two contestants from each location competed against each other in multiple events resulting in an exciting battle between the five cities. The night ended with a festive mingle buffet followed by a party at all five locations.

The Result

Evenemanget blev en riktig wow-upplevelse på flera plan. Att visa på bredden i företaget genom allas möjlighet till närvaro då många av medarbetarna inte behövde resa långväga för att kunna delta bidrog till rekordstort deltagarantal!
Flera medarbetare fick bidra i evenemanget i olika roller under livesändningen, bl.a. som reportrar och värdar på scen men även i de reportagefilmer som visades.

The event turned out to be a huge success in many ways;
The fact that all employees could stay within their region and did not have to travel far resulted in record-breaking attendance. Employees got the chance to contribute to the event through different roles during the live broadcasting as reporters, hosts on stage, and were the stars in the films that were showed.

The customer received a very good response from their employees who liked the format and everything it involved throughout the night.
For us (Imponera) the concept of LIVE was put on its tip, which was challenging, developing but above all very fun. Managing to succeed with the broadcasting over all five locations and see the finished result was a great boost and left us with the feeling of wanting to do similar projects again.