Expo Vallastaden 2017

The Mission

Linköping Expo trusted us to put together a conference package for people visiting Expo Vallastaden who came together with their offices and colleagues. The assigned project included ticket sales, handling of participants, as well as managing schedules that included varying lectures, guided tours, lunch and coffee breaks for a total of 15 days. The goal was to have 10,000 visitors during these three weeks.

The Idea

Ticket sales were divided into two different categories. The first one was single admission tickets where the visitor got access to the expo and had the ability to walk around on their own. However, if the visitors wished to attend lectures, be provided lunch, and join the guided tours, they had to purchase the package tickets. The latter also included personal contact with us so that we could help them plan their visit. By building up a pavilion with two lecture halls and a mingle area, we created an arena for the visitors with the package tickets, which came to be called the Expo Arena. To be able to maintain high quality food and snacks, a catering kitchen was also built up inside the pavilion.

The Implementation

When arriving to Expo Vallastaden, all visitors checked in at the entrances and got an entrance pass. These looked different depending on what type of ticket the visitor had purchased, a single admission ticket or a package ticket. The package ticket holders were then able to walk over to the Expo Arena where they had the opportunity to attend various lectures with different themes every day. The Arena was the focal meeting point where guests would gather to begin their guided tours which were every 15 minutes, enjoy being served morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon coffee.

The Result

It turned out to be three weeks of hard work where we put great emphasis on good service. The response we received was above our expectations and we received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors. For example, one visitor wrote to Corren (the local newspaper) with praising words regarding the treatment from our staff. The goal of 10,000 visitors was reached before Expo Vallastaden had even opened and the final number reached over 15,000 attendants.

”I usually say that it is amazing to work with professionals, and that is exactly what you are at Imponera. It is great to witness the commitment you all have for Vallastaden!”
Simon Helmér, VD Linköping Expo